Is it time to review your most intimate relationship?

Do you want to know the quickest way to feel organised, revived and ready to tackle the new year?

Do you want to define your style and ensure your best friend is the best reflection of you?

It’s really very simple…

You need to review your handbag.

I think you need a tote.

And I think you need to organise it!


Women and their handbags have a bond like no other. We hug them on our lap, put them on chairs next to us at cafes, they come into bathrooms, on dates, into hospital delivery suites, on overseas holidays and everywhere in-between.

We don’t forget them. We don’t lose them. We NEED them.

The relationship we have with our hand bag is one of total dependence. So the selection of your new partner in crime needs to be a considered one… and there are three very good reasons to go for a tote:

  1. Timelessness.
  2. Sophistication.
  3. Practicality.

Enough said.


Here are a few of my favourites from the Hawkins & Co showcase for 2018:

The CHARLIE MIDDLETON Bespoke tote – These bags are tough, roomy and buttery soft. Oh, and YES, you can choose the colour of the bag, the handles and the hardware, and have the exact tote you want! Can it possibly get better than this? Oh yes, it can – these totes are made by hand right here in Bondi!

(We will be interviewing Charlie Middletons master craftsman Ben Thompson in coming weeks… one not to be missed!)


NIKKI WILLIAMS Hampton Nappa Tote – Ultra luxurious leather tote with a little more structure and featuring a suede lining and two internal pockets (these pockets will protect your sunglasses from being scratched and keeps your phone and wallet in easy reach), it’s roomy enough for your iPad or laptop and a change of shoes! Designed to soften over time, so it will get better with age… like most things…


WILLOW BAY Lux Leather Tote Bag – With a removable washable insert its never been easier to keep the inside of your handbag clean. This tote is a lovely cross between the top two – practical, chic, slightly structured whilst maintaining some structure inside.

WILLOW BAY Neoprene Tote – I have one word: Washable. For the mother of toddlers, that word is exciting, especially when it’s describing a stylish, lightweight, roomy and practical handbag. It may not be a ‘forever bag’ but as a baby bag, gym bag, beach bag or uni bag, it is PERFECT!

ORGANISE your tote:

My biggest tip to stop your tote from ending up a Mary Poppins carpet bag is to have some smaller bags within your tote.

Small make up bags or wristlets are ideal.

BUT – The big commitment to Tote ownership comes in the evening, when you get home. You would be wise to make it a habit for 5 minutes to clean out your bag. Remove receipts, coins, your toddlers empty sultana box, business cards collected, pens, parking tickets, and anything you don’t need for the next day.

So there you have it! New year, new style, one bag, all occasions – which one is right for you?

Now it’s time to go out there and welcome 2018 with the most organised, effortless and motivated version of you.

With your new best friend.


PS. Want to know what is inside my tote?!

I have a small make up bag in my tote that holds 3-4 lip balms, a comb, spare mascara and a few hair ties / clips. I also carry a very small container with my flash drives (for work).

In the internal pockets of my tote I carry tampons (don’t we all?!) and my daughters epi-pen, my Phone and my keys. I also have my purse and sunglasses in the tote everyday.

Because I have compartmentalised the bag, everything is easy to find! It also means that I can throw in a snack, drink bottle and small box of tissues in the morning and I am ready to go.







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